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In the future with John 

i want to live in a wood lodge by a forest

we grow tomato potato eggplant 

we will have chicken for fresh egg 

John fish salmon and we make smoke salmon

make fire by the liver at the night while watching stars. 

In the morning we drink coffee together and make omelet. 

John will find a three I love and we plant them when we have a baby

John will have a small grarge where he works on cars 

have a dog or two and two cats with us 

I plant a lot of flower by the vege garden

i want three kids two boys and one girl

ill drive a red mini cooper s and he will drive Tacoma with child seat 

we of corse have a hottub and relax

i knit blanket for winter

we hike and sometimes go to beach somewhere warm

john will have basement for his junk and there's a lock from outside only. 

He will put all the junk he has 


such a great future plan for us 

it's weird how clearly I can see him a part of my future  

miss him so much